MA-XRF analyses on illuminated manuscripts

The XRayLab (ISPC-CNR) of Catania (Italy) in the framework of the interdisciplinary project MINIARE (Manuscript Illumination: Non-Invasive Analysis, Research And Expertise) in collaboration with the Fitzwilliam Museum (Department of Manuscripts and Printed Books), the Hamilton Kerr Institute, the University of Cambridge (Department of Chemistry), carried out MA-XRF analyses on illuminated manuscripts (1350 BC - 19th c. AD) of different geographical provenance, by using in-situ an advanced X-ray imaging scanning system (Landis-X), designed and developed in laboratory. The MA-XRF high-resolution distribution images of the chemical elements composing the painting of the manuscripts have provided, in non-invasive way, the identification of the original materials (pigments) used by the artists increasing the knowledge on the artistic, cultural, political, social, technological, and economic aspects in which the miniatures were created. The elemental images also allowed the visualization of the back of the single pages, no more readable because over time they have been detached from their main books and glued on cardboard,t hus helping their collocation in the original volumes.

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